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Which MSN should I take?


That was a question that I asked myself multiple times before I started graduate school. I thought of getting my MSN in different areas like leadership, education, administration, but I never really thought of taking my FNP. Because I was working at my first job as a mental health nurse and being in charge of a unit myself, there were a lot of things that I wanted to improve and change. Thus, choosing to do my MSN in Leadership. At that time I wanted to be in an administrative role.

Fast forward to another year I then moved into Labor and Delivery and Postpartum where it was in a very well known big hospital in Nevada and that is when I noticed that if you are in management in the hospital…. you can’t really change things. Staffing ratio will never get better. As a nurse you hardly see admin/management. What I soon found out is that the staff dont get bonuses, but admin do, like, always. I mean nursing staff gets bonuses like on holidays, but that is it. And what do we get? a 5$ cafeteria meal pass… cmon lol… time to go..

At this time I also applied at Nevada State College to be a clinical instructor in Maternity and Newborn as well as Psych. This was an amazing job and experience. THis is where I learned how much I loved educating. I dont know if I was just very lucky, but I always had amazing students that are so open to getting as much information they can. At first I was reluctant to apply because I have always thought that you would need an MSN in Education, but it turns out that you don’t. As long as you have your MSN you can be an admin or educator.

Once I started learning so much more I started thinking about moving my role as an educator to a provider. And so I did. I started my post MSN FNP program in Touro University Nevada and will soon be done the end of February 2021, if all go according to plan 🙂

I am also dabbling in Cosmetic nursing so lasers, botox, fillers, chemical peels are things I am currently learning.

Specialty areas that I want to do as a FNP is in Womens Health/OBGYN and Cosmetic Dermatology. Of course, I will still be educating and I currently teach at American Career College where I handle the OB clinicals and their lab simulation.

MSN Leadership > turned Clinical Instructor > turned MSN FNP is my course and I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Graduated from Grand Canyon University with my Masters of Science in Nursing emphasizing in Leadership in the Health Care system and was inducted to The Sigma Theta Tau International Honors Society.

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