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  1. Thanks for blogging this trip. Looking forward to see more of your trips (showing how when and how much) in Cebu in the future.

  2. Omg I just read the comments and man this was 3 years ago. lol Anywho I'm just thanking you for commenting 🙂 I have new posts now. I'm finally getting back to blogging.

  3. I totally agree Mimi is almost 4 now and before the flight I try to tire her out. I let her run around and make sure that shes not eating sweets. I usually let her have like bread or milk before the flight those are like sleeping potions So sorry for this late 3 year reponse lol I just read this 🙁 but im finally back to blogging wooooh!

  4. Hi Hanna Thank you for viewing my post :)Can I email you for some questions on how you reached my blog?

  5. Hi Mademoiselle Coconath Thank you for viewing my post :)Can I email you for some questions on how you reached my blog? I'm trying to get my blog out there

  6. Hey allison :)! Where have you been you havent been blogging for a while now 🙁

  7. Hey B! I was trying to check out your blog but it's private :(And oh yeah I was so glad my dad was there to help me with my daughter. I had a change to actually snooze haha 🙂

  8. This is the first post I have read of yours and I really liked it! Being personal and raw makes readers connect and know more about you, which I think is a great thing when blogging.-Rachelrachelfiguresitout.blogspot.com

  9. Hi Rachel! Thank you for commenting!I decided to open up more about my life because I think a lot of people were in situations like mine and I want to tell them that it's okay! These things happen for a reason and you get over it and work along with it. Love, Van

  10. Van, I think that is so true and inspiring. I'm sure people who have been in similar situations would love to hear from people like you!~Rachel

  11. yes it was! I think my laughing voice scream gives it away haha! You should visit and try the highest zip line in South East Asia!

  12. Thanks Spark!Yeah haha You need to start from the beginning of Mindy Project. They are really funny!What is your favorite show that isnt on the list?

  13. I love how personal this post is! I love hearing about others and how they feel in different situations. Thanks so much for linking up at Bloggy Brunch this week! Looking forward to seeing more personal posts from you. 🙂

  14. I wish I had a list like this when my babies were little! Two of them were babies at the same time, so I basically just had all the things, all the time. In some ways I really miss it–except the diaper changes 😉

  15. This looks like a super cool experience! I don't really have a desire to swim with sharks but I would love to swim with dolphins some day! Thanks for sharing all of your fun adventures. 🙂

  16. These are great tips!! I always bring a scarf and reusable water bottle when traveling! When I studied abroad, I learned the usefulness of a scarf real fast! And going to the grocery store is not only helpful, but really cool to see when you're in other countries!

  17. You and your kids have SO much fun! This looks like a blast. My kids would love this.

  18. Visit Philippines one day! I'll show you around 🙂 A lot of fun family friendly places.

  19. right! 🙂 When I travelled before I never really go and buy some stuff at the grocery stores, but when I started I learned so much from other cultures. Like how in Hongkong there was this random sushi kind of like convenient store. It was pretty much a little tiny walk in restaurant convenient store because the sushis are already ready. It was awesome and yummy!

  20. Talk about a cool experience! I definitely need to add paddle boarding some where cool to my bucket list!

  21. yes definitely! It was my second time and the Mangroves was a great choice! Thanks Jennifer 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 You should visit it’s amazing over there. White sand beaches and if you’re a nature lover you can visit the rice terraces 🙂