Nurses Unite

A community curated for student nurses!

Private Nursing Community

Inviting everyone to learn, share, and grow

This server was created for nursing students! During the pandemic we all had to turn into online education to learn theory and skills.

What's Included

Nursing Subjects

Premium members can ask questions in specific nursing subjects including all areas in anatomy and physiology.

Music Room

Lofi Study Music playing 24/7 to enhance your concentration.

Voice Chat Room

Discuss current topics

Zoom Room

No voice. All study. This room is meant for students that thrive in environments like libraries. Zoom style.

Venting Zone

Premium members are able to vent as much as their heart desires.

Cheat Sheets

Updated always for the newest cheat sheets that are available

General Chat

Learn from all members of the community


Just for fun!

A connection that will continue beyond the pandemic by help of the server, mentors, nursing students, and new grads.
We will continue to support each other as we continue to earn our degrees

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is this a Facebook Group

A) Nope. This is a private server that can cater to students if they also want to have a study session using music or camera.

Q) I'm not a medical student. Can I still join?

A) Absolutely! We encourage and help enable knowledge. Everyone is welcome to learn!

Q) Can I cancel anytime?

A) Of course you can! Note* Cancel before your monthly subscription ends so you can still have access for the moth

Q) Can I invite my classmates to the server?

A) Yes! Revert them back to this page and they can join as well!

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