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Island Hopping in Boracay



Island Hopping in Boracay

We went to Boracay on April 18-21 of 2016. It was the best Boracay trip I have ever had! we were complete. Last time I went was with mimi and my family, but my parents were not there 🙁 For this trip they were present. 

On the first day we arrived in Caticlan around 430pm and then there was another 2 hour land trip to the pier and once you get to the pier theres another boat trip to Boracay. We literally had air, sea, and land trip in one day. It was tiring, but Boracay is just so worth it! When we got there we already made reservations to  Jerome’s Resort Boracay. We stayed at the San Francisco room and my other family stayed at the Simpor room. It was right across each other. Our room was colder so ask them first if they got the ac cleaned or not first before getting the room. The place was right smack in the middle of Station 2 and only a few steps to the beach. The place was 2,800 per night. We had 2 rooms and stayed for 3 nights = ₱16,800

because of course we bought the cheapest tickets from Cebu Pacific and Cebu Pacs flights are always usually delayed, but I guess that’s what you pay for. Our ticket was actually even for an earlier flight, but it was cancelled and moved to the next flight. That was the only downside to this whole trip. When we got there we wanted to save as much as possible so my cousin booked 2 rooms.

We were pretty tired the first night so we just ate out at Subway walked around a little and knocked out!

On our second day we went Island Hopping. We went to this place called Puka Beach where the sand was powdery white.

Let me just add this photo of my parents being super cute hahaha <3

Boracay Trip GoPro video I made a few days ago. I hope you guys check it out haha I’m an amateur, but I really want to learn and make it better for the next ones.  I really just want to upload all the photos in one post, but I don’t want to overdo it. So stay tuned for the next posts 🙂

The Island hopping was 400 per person. We got to snorkel twice in 2 different spots and visited Puka Beach. 6×400 = ₱2,400 

They didn’t have a small lifejacket for Mimi so just bring your own if you have one for your kids. We also bought bread for 10 pesos to feed the fish. There were a lot. 

If you have any questions feel free to message me in my social media sited or by emailing me at

and btw congratulations to Kenzie L. for winning the 50$ Easy giveaway!

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