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Bahia Hotel and Beach Club at Cabo San Lucas

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Our room

We visited Cabo on February for Valentines week. We were very skeptical going to Mexico because we didn’t know what to expect. I booked a trip for my bf and I with no kids. We always hear some bad things in the news in Mexico plus the whole NARCOS TV show didn’t ease our mind at all, but when we got there! OMG! It was beautiful and there’s so much tourists with their families. We are definitely going back here with family.

Chillin at Bahia

We stayed at Bahia Hotel Beach House that we booked with Travelocity (Travelocity is so great with booking flights and hotels, and you can manage everything on the APP and see your whole itinerary trip. I’ve been booking everything through them ever since).

The whole trip from February 9, 2018 – February 15, 2018 was a total of 1501.32 for 2 adults with flight and hotel with free breakfast

Fruits, coffee and toast was the free breakfast everyday

But you can also order anything else in the menu if you get tired of the fruits. I ordered this yummy scrambled egg with chorizo and potatoes on the side!

When we booked the hotel we actually got one of the rooms that wasn’t renovated yet which was on the 5th floor. There were some problems that we encountered and they quickly moved us to an upgraded room with free of charge. The upgraded room was awesome.

Breakfast here was amazing

Bar Esquina was poppin’ at night! Every time we pass by at night going back to the room it was always crowded with high class peeps and live music at the bar. We weren’t into this stuff, but I’m sure some of ya’ll are.

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