I’ve been asked countless times how I became a BSN nursing instructor so I finally made these 3 easy steps to help you get in!

1. You should have at least 2 years of experience in the nursing field. Your expertise in a field is what’s needed in the student’s clinical. My experience in the nursing field was Maternity and Peds as well as Mental health so I handle those 2 special areas during the students Clinicals

2. You need to have a BSN degree and currently working on your MSN to get hired. This depends on each university.

2a. If you have an MSN degree you will have a better chance in getting hired. A huge misconception is that you NEED to have an MSN degree, but I’ve worked with other instructors that are BSN graduates, but most often they are also in school for their MSN degrees.

2b. Another huge misconception is that you need to have your MSN in Education. Nope nope nope. As long as you have your MSN degree you are good to go! I have my MSN in Leadership and had no problems in getting hired and teaching BSN students⠀⠀

3. Apply directly to the university that you want to work at or in Indeed. And have all your necessary documents like your CV, Cover letter, and references
If you have any more questions feel free to comment below and I will reply to it. 😊

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