2×2 #STOPASIANHATE sticker

Lets donate to @stopaapihate #stopasianhate There has been an increased hate towards the Asian American Pacific Islander communities. We need to spread awareness and together WE CAN STOP IT!

1 2×2 Sticker = $3.00

100 Stickers left.

All Proceeds are donated to @stopaapihate

5 Things to Consider When Experiencing Hate

  1. Safety First: Trust your instinct and assess your surroundings. If you feel unsafe leave the area immediately.
  2. Stay Calm: Take a deep breath, limit eye-contact, and maintain neutral body language
  3. Speak Out: In a calm and firm voice establish physical boundaries and denounce their behavior and comments.
  4. Seek Immediate Support: Ask bystanders for support or intervention
  5. Seek Emotional Support: Reach out to someone to talk about what happened. This is not your fault and you are not alone

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