When I first started with clinicals I was soooo lost with using Typhon. I finally got the hang of it and these are the common codes that I used. I added more for special cases.

Tip: Ask your Clinic what common diagnosis they see. They sometimes have an ICD code sheet.

What is Typhon Group? Its a software where you can log in all your student clinical experiences ranging from NPs, PA’s, Nursing, Anesthesia, and All other Health professionals. For our school it used to log in all out cases, time in the clinic, evaluations for the clinical site, preceptors, and later you can use it as a portfolio for your future job!


99214 30-39

Tele phone visit 21-30 minutes = 99443 

Adult encounter without abnormalities = Z00.00

 w/ abnormalities = Z00.01


Well visit child 29 days and older = Z00.121

Children 29 days and older w/o abnormal findings = Z00.129

Children 29 days and older w/ abnormal findings= Z00.121

New born under 9 days old = Z00.110

New born 8 to 28 days = Z00.111

Encounter with vaccine = Z23

Costochondritis = M94.0

Asthma = F45.909

Fever = R50.81

Cough = R05

Headache = R51

Skin rash = R21

Strep throat = J02.0

Allergies = T78.40

Ear infection = H66.90

Low complexity = 99213

Mod complexity = 99214

Mental Health

Anxiety = F41.9

Major depressive disorder = F32.9

Mood disorder = F06.31

Schizophrenia = F20.9

Schizoaffective disorder = F25.1

Dysthmia = F34.1

ADHD = F90.9

Bipolar disorder w/o psychotic = F31.4

Bipolar disorder w/ psychotic = F31.5

Agoraphobia unsp = F40

OCD = F42.9

Fatigue = F53.83

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Pregnancy = Z33.3

Pap smear = Z01.419

Well woman = Z01.419

Candidiasis = B37.9

Irregular menstruation = N92.6

Ectopic pregnancy = O00.9

STD Encounter = Z11.3

UTI = N39.0

Long term use of contraceptives = Z79.3


Hypertension = I10

M1A.9 = Gout

Asthma = J45.20

Hyperlipidemia = E78.2

Diabetes = E11.9

Acid Reflux/gerd = K21.9

Headache = r51.9

Depression = F33.0

Rheumatoid Arthritis = M06.9

Hypothyroid = E03.9

Fever = R50.9

Muscle spasm=M62.838

BPH = N40.0

Anxiety = F41.9

5 years after surgical removal of tumor/cancer then it is determined that the patient is free of cancer

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