I was always super thankful for all the Doctors and Nurse Practitioners that precepted me! It took me a while to figure out the what I should give them as a little thank you so I made this collage to make it easier for you guys. Because we’re students or wanting a low budget I these items are the best for your buck $$. All of these items ranges from 5$-40$ and there all very useful !

  • Coffee Mug and Starbucks Thermostat is always a big hit. You know everyone in the medical field can’t get enough of that coffee
  • Giftcard to Starbucks or Amazon
  • Hydro Flask – a reminder of the importance of drinking water
  • Plants: It’s best to give succulents because c’mon we don’t have time to really water those plants LOL
  • Phone Stand: I see my preceptor holding his phone during tele heath and I thought that he definitely could use one
  • Scented Candles or a Good book for a relaxing time
  • Masks are always a great gift for anyone especially during this COVID time
  • Pins for their lanyard
  • Facial/Spa day

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