Hey there everybody! I finally restarted this blogger life!

Many people have been asking for advice about their nursing careers, that I wanted to make a little handy dandy guide on tips and tricks, so I don’t have to repeat myself all the time, and this can be a place where everyone can read about it.

I want to introduce myself again (if you didn’t get to read the about me section). My name is Van, and I am currently a Nurse Practitioner student, Clinical Instructor, and currently dabbling in Cosmetic nursing. I will be done in March if all things go according to plan to be an NP. I just moved back to California from Nevada because, well, long story short, I am an international graduate from the Philippines with my BSN, so you know what that means if you’re Filipino. Still, I will get to that in another post.

My experience in the nursing world is Mental Health and Maternity and Newborn. I wish to specialize in OBGYN and Cosmetic nursing as an NP. I know… they are all completely different areas, but hey, nursing is well rounded 🙂 I recently just got engaged 💍 to an amazing man, so wedding planning will probably be added to a couple of blog posts.Lastly but not least is my little 8-year-old daughter that’s been with me all this time through thick and thin and has changed my life <3

My hands are full, very full, but we like to keep it fun, and I know that God will never give me something that I cannot handle.

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