Here I am trying to get myself back into writing in this little space because of that auto annually billing cycle. I really only remember to write here because I see how much I’m paying and I tell myself, “Ok, this time I will really start blogging.” Will I really continue blogging this time. I mean I doubt it because this time in myself is just so busy and a lot of new things happening,

One of the main things that happened to me this past year was that I just got hired to be a Labor and Delivery nurse. I have a 6 month orientation and I am about 4 months in and still currently don’t know if I want to stay. L&D is a rewarding job by seeing all these babies born and seeing the happiness that it brings to mothers and their families, but it is a lot of hard work and someone coming from psych where you pretty much sit and chart and get paid to do it. I always ask myself should I “Work hard, or Work Smart?” 


I am still having this dilemma. I mean I am currently taking my Masters of Science in Nursing, but it is more focused on management area and not in bedside so I keep asking myself should I stay in L&D? I have been on this cycling thoughts everyday for the past 3 months. What should I do? Also working in a high risk hospital there are a lot of problems that we encounter like, placenta previa, haemorrhages, shoulder dystocia, and this hospital also births the most babies in the area so we expect to get a lot of mothers. 

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