Well, hello there stranger! I know it has been a while since I have been back here but from studying for the boards, taking it, waiting for the result and finally passing it, and taking care of my little family, that took all my time and energy and I just didn’t have enough time for my little place in the internet. And yes I passed it!!! Woohoo and then celebrations and then looking for a job and then moving… I wanted to get everything settled in before I could even think about blogging. But Alas, I am back! And prepare for some super backed up posts. 🙂


I’ve also decided to keep everything in one place. Some of you might have noticed that I was running a separate parenting blog called mamas secret but it’s just too complicated to run 2 blogs. I decided to leave the travel niche and make this a more personal blog about my life and just how I live and love it. We’re going to get very personal, emotional and what not. Sharing tips here and there would hopefully help another one in need out. So, I just wanted to keep this short and simple and just wanted to welcome myself back into this side of life! If you’re still here thanks for sticking around 🙂



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