Morro bay is a waterfront in San Luis Obispo. The main attraction is the Morro Rock, you can’t miss it, it sits right near the shoreline of the bay. 

p.s. even in the summer months the weather is very confusing. Bring a scarf if you aren’t sure if you can handle the cold wind.

How to get to Morro Bay from Los Angeles?

Click the map up here.  

Things to do in Morro Bay.

1. Visit the Morro Rock.

2. Eat on the restaurants around the bay which has an awesome view of the rock and get unlimited crab for 33$ yeeeess please!

3. Go sailing and fishing.


4. Go Kayaking and see seals swimming in the water or hanging out around the bay

4. Stroll and shop at the little shops that mostly sells really cute garden decor.



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