Solvang “California’s Little Denmark”

How to get there

From LA take 101 North all the way and exit at 154 West Cachuma Lake (approximately 2 hours)

Solvang is Danish for sunny fields. It was founded by a group of Danes who ventured west to establish a Danish community. This little city is now ran by the grandchildren. The shops and restaurants closes around 5ish so be there early. 

Things to do in Solvang

  1.  Go wine tasting

  2. Try authentic Danish food

  3. Walk around and take lots of iconic photos

For more info check out SolvangUSA


There were a lot of places to stay, but make sure you call before hand to get a reservation. We had to travel 30 minutes back to the freeway to get a place to stay. There were no vacancy everywhere. We ended up staying at Travelodge. Booked  a suit for 120$


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