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Siargao Secret: Fresh Water Tayangban Cave Pool.



. So awesome right? ok well you actually can pass the cave pool if you are going to

Magpupungko Rock Pools

. It’s hard to miss. There’s a sign, you can’t really miss haha. The Tayangban Cave Pool has cool fresh water. This was perfect after the Rock Pools since Magpupugko was salt water. You can also jump off the maybe 10 feet rock or you can use a rope to jump in the water. Tarzan style. The entrance was 20 pesos for locals and 50 for foreigners. I was speaking in English first so they were going to charge me 50, but I started talking in Visaya so I got in for 20. yay. 

There’s the rope. lol We did not try it. It’s a bit scary since you have to have upper strength or you will land on the rocks. 

You kind of can’t miss it.

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