These tips are usually always forgotten specially for unplanned and hurried travel plans. I seem to always forget one thing on this list. This will definitely make me remember! So I’m sharing these tips for you guys! Don’t forget to PIN it 🙂

What do you always forget when travelling? Comment below 🙂

p.s. We will be going on a trip from June 4 – 8. We’re pretty excited! We will be staying at

Kermit Siargao. I stayed there last time and it was amazing check it out here

. I decided to go to Siargao and stay at Kermit because of this Blog – Just One Way Ticket

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5 replies on “8 Ignored Survival Travel Tips

  1. These are great tips!! I always bring a scarf and reusable water bottle when traveling! When I studied abroad, I learned the usefulness of a scarf real fast! And going to the grocery store is not only helpful, but really cool to see when you're in other countries!

  2. right! 🙂 When I travelled before I never really go and buy some stuff at the grocery stores, but when I started I learned so much from other cultures. Like how in Hongkong there was this random sushi kind of like convenient store. It was pretty much a little tiny walk in restaurant convenient store because the sushis are already ready. It was awesome and yummy!

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