20 Baby Travel Essentials by junetteevansceleraaustria

  1. Onesie and comfy outfits – Bring a few pieces of onesies and outfits depending on how many days you are going for vacation.
  2. Jacket – Babies are more susceptible to colder climates so always have a jacket ready especially in air travel. It gets a lot colder up there.
  3. Diapers – Of course it’s a must have.
  4. Sun Hat – Cover your baby’s delicate skin from the harmful UV rays. Plus they look super cute!
  5. Favorite toy – It can calm babies when they start to get fuzzy. Having something familiar is relaxing.
  6. Sunblock – The UV rays are harmful anywhere you go. I always bring sunblock for both of us. The higher the SPF the better
  7. Blankets – Babies need it to keep themselves warm specially at night.
  8. Head to toe wash and lotion – Check it in if you don’t have a travel size.
  9. Inflatable bath tub – This just makes it so much easier to give your baby a bath. Trust me. It was so hard to give Mimi a bath when we stayed at Hotels during road trips. 
  10. Baby sling carrier – It helps keep the baby warm and promote bonding. Hands free! You can also use it as a blanket, pillow or a breastfeeding cover up. The possibilities are endless. You can also change carrying positions.
  11. Bottles – stores pumped breast milk (Yes I always promote breastfeeding!)
  12. Bottle cleaner – YES! I forgot Mimi’s bottle cleaner a few times and the bottle got pretty gross and I ended up just throwing it away. Save money!
  13. POOP bag – Have you seen those doggy waste bags? This is soooooo essential! When you are visiting friends houses or public places this is really awesome to have. You can put the soiled diapers in the plastic bag and avoid it from stinking up the bathroom! It is so embarrassing when your baby’s diaper is just there on the trashcan where everyone can see it. eww
  14. Diaper rash cream – Babies have very sensitive skin. It’s nice to have this just in case of a diaper rash situations.
  15. Wipes – of course. You can clean anything with wipes. I try to get organic ones so I can also use it on my daughters delicate skin.
  16. White tee – incase of spills, throw ups, and poop emergencies you always have a handy dandy white tshirt to save the day. I always go with my white v-neck because it can match any outfit.
  17. Breast Cream – breastfeeding essential.
  18. Manual Pump – some places don’t have a socket to plug in if you are using an automatic pump. Batteries also run out that’s why I go for a manual pump
  19. Diaper bag and changing pad – of course you need a bag to carry all the essentials. Get a light comfortable back support bag because carrying a diaper bag can strain you back and arms. trust me.
  20. Travel stroller – This just makes getting from one place to another by foot so much easier. 


  • Ask your childs pediatrician first before embarking on long vacations.
  • Make sure you have your childs pediatrician on speed dial incase of emergencies.
  • Search the place you are going to first to know if there are any viruses going around. If there is then maybe rebook your plans for a later date.
  • Feed your baby during take off and landing to ease earache.
  • If you are breastfeeding make sure that you have a lot of snacks and drink for yourself.
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  1. I wish I had a list like this when my babies were little! Two of them were babies at the same time, so I basically just had all the things, all the time. In some ways I really miss it–except the diaper changes đŸ˜‰

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