Simala Church is where the Virgin Mary said to have appeared. There are long lines to touch the statue of the Virgin Mary. A lot of student would go there before board exams and would pray to pass. You will see a lot of pens, papers, and letters thanking Mary for answering their prayers. There are also a lot of medical miracles. While in line you will see crutches and devices displayed on the walls of the cured patients. There were people who were cured of Cancer! You will see different versions of Mary inside the church. 

Simala Church - Cebu, Philippines

Side gates of the church.

Simala Church - Cebu, PhilippinesSimala Church - Cebu, Philippines

Simala Church is like a castle! It is not done yet, but the arena area is said to be the place where mass would be held in the future.

Simala Church - Cebu, Philippines

So Beautiful!

Simala Church - Cebu, Philippines


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