South Cotabato’s thrilling Seven Falls zipline is the highest in South East Asia. It’s 180 meters high! The view was amazing! I laughed so hard! It was so fun! We saw 2 waterfall (There were more, but I didn’t see them. Gives me another reason to do it again! Hopefully with my dad this time). It was breathtaking and exhilarating. I went with my Mom and my daughter. Mimi is only 3 years old. She wasn’t scared at all. I was the one scared for her and tried to let her stay with her grandpa, but she wanted to ride it with us. So I then told her to be like Superman or Super girl. That she can fly! After the experience she even said “I want more”. I have a daredevil. She really is the bravest little girl I know. I hope she continues to be like this. I hope she pushes herself to do amazing things. Be an adventurer but also be a cautious. I hope her lionheart stays like that forever.

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First Line

Second Line

The first Zipline was 740 meters long and the second line was 460 meters. It’s a long ride. It’s like you’re crossing between 2 mountains.