Don’t forget to watch it in HD!!

Hey guys! I have been gone for a few days because my parents bought us tickets to Boracay! Boracay is this magical place in the Philippines where the white sand feels like baby powder on your feet, the breeze is never ending, the weather is perfect, and where you can see the sunset everyday around 6pm. The food was also amazing! Lobster, crabs, shrimp, squid, fish, and steaks for all the meat lovers. It was just a perfect trip. I’ll talk about the detailed trip on the next posts 🙂

But for now, here’s a video I made to pretty much sum up our 4 day trip to a short GoPro Hero 4 Silver video. This is my first real GoPro video. I did try making some before, but just shared it with family. I’m sharing this one to all of you! I hope you guys like it!

 Don’t forget to watch it in HD 🙂

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