Ilo Ilo Philippines Travel

We went to Iloilo mostly to visit family. It was nice seeing people I havent seen in years and meeting family members that I was connected with in facebook but never met. Iloilo is mostly known for their seafoods especially oysters. I had Oysters for about 3 days straight whether it was lunch or dinner. It was always offered. And it was delicious. Oysters are one of my favorite foods. My cousin and I had a challenge on who could eat the most. It was a tie with 14 oysters. Yes 14. We were so full, but it was so delicious. We had the one that had cheese and on another day we had plain grilled ones where we would add lemon, tabasco, and vinegar.

Ilo Ilo Philippines TravelIlo Ilo Philippines Travel

We stayed at Smallville 21 Hotel. It was right next to the bars and night clubs which was nice for the grown ups while the kids stayed in the rooms and played.

Ilo Ilo Philippines Travel

Meeting family members.

Ilo Ilo Philippines Travel

Family is Everything.

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