Island Hopping Cebu with toddlerIsland Hopping Cebu with toddlerIsland Hopping Cebu with toddlerIsland Hopping CebuIsland Hopping Cebu with toddlerIsland Hopping Cebu

Since my Summer finally started we decided to go Island hopping around Olango. I left that morning at 635am to reach the pier area near Movenpeak Resort. There was a parking entrance which was 10 pesos and a gate fee of 5 pesos. Everyone finally got there and Ate January (one of my classmates) collected the fees which was 400 each person. Plus everyone bought food for pot luck. I brought 2 Bangus or mll milk. Others brought Lechon belly, rice, 4 lechon manok, spaghetti, cake, sodas, water, ice, and coals to cook the fish and belly. The weather was amazing. Clear clouds strong winds and a breeze of fresh ocean air. The boat ride took pretty long maybe 45 minutes or more. After a while we were all like hmm are we there yet? haha. So we just asked the driver the guy steering the boat to stop for a while so we can swim. He stopped at this area where there was clear water where you can see the white sands on the bottom. It was so nice and clean. So all of us had a dip for about 30 minutes and decided to go find another place. We stopped in this other island where there was also white sand, but we didn’t get out of the boat because it was too hot to just stay there. We just started getting the food ready because we were all really hungry. The driver took us to another area of the sea and thats where we started eating. We were stuffed after eating everything we brought. Like seriously we finished everything. haha Our last stop was this Marine Sanctuary place. Now this is my favourite part. This is where there were so much fish it scared me at first. But they were all pretty much friendly Mimi had a blast. She is such a brave little girl. She doesn’t want me to hold her while she’s swimming with her life vest and inflatable car. But of course I was still there right next to her. We were swimming with fishes right under our toes. I could even feel some of them. We also found Nemo hehe. We swam there and had underwater pictures and videos. You can see all the different coloured fish. There was a yellow one blue one green one red one. We even saw a puffer fish. It was really cute. Mimi was going to get it and squeeze the poor little thing, bt good thing we stopped her before she did. It was really funny. Over all the Island Hopping was really fun. Good Company Good Vibes. This break is what I really needed from that hectic summer class. This is the time to relax. Let loose and just have fun! Stay tuned for that our summer would be like in the islands.

Did I mention That I spent about 500pesos which is around 14$ for the whole day… Life is goooooood

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