baby in LAXbaby in LAXbaby in Philippine airportBaby in airplane

LAX is finally done with constructing the inside of the airport and it looks pretty bomb. It looks high class not like I would ever go in those stores, but they added a few things that caught my eye or more of my dads eye. I took a ton of photos of him with some pretty cool artsy stuff. I let Mimi run around so when we get to the plane she can k.o. and she definitely did.

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  1. I haven't been in LAX for years! But when we were last there, Kaya was about 16 months old and thank goodness they let us go through a different security line for families so it was super fast. I swear there is an art to flying with small children and it has to do with just letting them run around a ton in the airport before the plane.

  2. awh, you guys are so cute! i love the shot by the vines of both of you! lindsey

  3. Omg I just read the comments and man this was 3 years ago. lol Anywho I'm just thanking you for commenting 🙂 I have new posts now. I'm finally getting back to blogging.

  4. I totally agree Mimi is almost 4 now and before the flight I try to tire her out. I let her run around and make sure that shes not eating sweets. I usually let her have like bread or milk before the flight those are like sleeping potions So sorry for this late 3 year reponse lol I just read this 🙁 but im finally back to blogging wooooh!

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