Portofino Beach ResortPortofino Beach ResortPortofino Beach ResortPortofino Beach Resort

My friend invited me to go resort hopping with them during summer 2011 and it was a summer to remember. They were one of the funnest people I have ever been with. The whole trip was easy/chill and we really didn’t plan anything as in we didn’t now where we were going and how we were going there, but we were definitely going somewhere. We ended up taking all kinds of transportation taxi, jeep (first pic), tricycle and we even rode jet skis and went banana boat riding. Can you believe that we spend less than 100$ each for all those including food and stay roughly 5000 pesos and also made great friends. Seriously this summer was just the randomest summer ever but a great one!

If anyone is ever going to Cebu Philippines or in Cebu lets all hangout!! Good company good vibes.

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  1. What exactly is a resort hoping? Is it another way to say backpacking? The nostalgia is coming back because next week you will already be in the Philippines!!!

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