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Boracay 2011. This was my second time going to Boracay. The first time was when I was really little and I must say that there is a huge difference from then and now. There are so much tourist and sellers that it isnt really a relaxing place anymore. Sure the sand is still white and the ocean is still as blue, but you can’t relax when you’re laying there on one of those sunbathing chairs and suddenly the bar close by cranks up the music. But I would say that it is a fun place to party at. At night is when the party starts! The clubs are pretty awesome and they serve very rich drinks. There’s fire dancing and loud music and even some drunkies laying on the sand. Since Boracay boomed as one of Philippines greatest tourist spots the place suddenly just got a little smaller. I don’t think I would take Mimibear there. It’s not really a baby friendly zone. I mean yeah she can chill by the peach and play sand castle, but you can do that in any other beach. All the fun stuff are for adults like paragliding, jet skiing, banana boating, and some other crazy rides on the ocean. I would go back if a group of friends were going. If it’s just Mimibear and Me not a chance lol.

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  1. It seems similar to what we have here in Thailand and I agree with you: once you have a baby paragliding is not necessary on your mind… xoxo, Eszter

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