Hey guys so it’s final! I finally have a ticket to go back to the motherland (Philippines) this October with no return date. I am so excited to be able to breath fresh air and to have new adventures. Philippines is such an exotic and tropical place. This is my home my real home and I am so psyched to go back. I’ve been going back and forth between US and PI so I have a few tricks up my sleeves in order to tackle down anything bad that was coming towards me.

So what have I done so far?

  1. Since I’m moving there I sent most of my stuff thru a “balikbayan box”. All the heavy items, extra clothes, and pasalubongs (gifts) are there and I sent them early because it ususall takes about 1-2 months to arrive to its destination. 
  2. Luggage information if your traveling with PAL Philippines Airlines 
    1. Adult check in includes two 50lb check in bags (yes I put all my clothes and stuff in my suitcase to check if it’s at least around 50lbs so I have an overall estimate on how much to add or take out)
    2. Lap child check-in is 15lbs
    3. Carryons are no more than 15pounds, they don’t really check how heavy your carry on is, but I won’t go too crazy since I’m traveling with Mimi and carrying all her stuff and I only have the umbrella stroller.
    4. Make sure your carryon only has travel sized containers. One of my friends were arguing with the airport security in the X-ray part because he couldn’t bring his gel. His gel was the size of like a big lotion bottle, but there were only about 4oz of gel inside. He thought that the amount mattered than the container. Overall it was really funny lol. I just told him that I’ll buy him gel later and he can just give that away. I don’t know why he made such a big fuss.. lol
    5. Strollers can be checked in (does anyone know if you can check in a booster seat for free also?)
    6. I called PAL for a special request to have food for Mimibear.
  3. Don’t tell people when you’re going because they will ask to bring gifts to bring to their family and friends and will take space. A little harsh, but sometimes they would ask to send heavy items or bulky and it’s a hassle to figure out where to add it.

So that’s all I’ve done so far. I still have a few weeks here and this few weeks will be very busy. My cousin is getting married in Las Vegas on Oct 5 and the whole family is coming over from Texas and Philippines. The bridesmaids will also get here along with the bride from Bahrain. Their all flight attendants how flippin cool is that. (I’ve always wanted to be a flight attendant but couldn’t, I’ll get to that another time). Their all staying at our home so it will be very loud and busy up in this joint. I can’t wait I love company and I love weddings. This will be fun!

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  1. Congratulations on finalising the move! Hooray for tropical living! And also, OCTOBER! That's right around the corner!

  2. omg one of my favorite bloggers commenting on my blog. ooohh yeahhh lol. Oct 9 to be exact. I'm seriously ready to go. All my clothes are in my suitcase. tehehe

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