We attended an annual gathering of SOCCOMA (South Cotabato Community Association) at Heritage Park in Cerritos.  I totally love this park. It has everything, a moated colonial village where children of all ages can play, but of course, be careful with the little ones there are bigger kids running around the place. The moat has fishes and turtles and even ducks come to swim and chill around, a baseball field, a massive playground, tree shades, benches where people host gatherings, and a huge chunk of grass area. This place is like a little wonderland there are also a few Quinceanera pictorials happening at once. The only downer was the moat it wasn’t as clean as before. There are parts that would be mucky, but that didn’t bother the little duckies. Mimi loved to watch and call them out. There was also this spunky little girl who brought a bucket with rope and wanted to catch a turtle. It was adorable. but then her dad came and told her to stop and she started to kick the bucket and her dad ran away stringing along the bucket and she started chasing him. It was engaging. I want to be like that with my daughter when she grows up. She’ll be adventurous and she’ll chase me around the place. What a life. I cant wait….,but I can.
I took some pretty amazing pics for an amateur like me :]
I also wanted to add pics of the get together. (lots of them)

Always thank the Lord for your blessing.

Yep I played also
The lovely undefeated apple dance champions.

Oh the wind on my hair…

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  1. hello,I just found your blog! I am so glad!The pictures you took of Mimi are fantastic! Are you sure you did not take photography classes before?Did you know everyone at the get together?The dancing with an apple looked like fun!Thanks for sharing!xxx, Eszterhttp://kukolina.wordpress.com/

  2. Nope I never took classes, but I had friends with fancy cameras and I guess I watched and learned with a little help here and there. We knew mostly everyone We've been going to this event yearly since 2006 We almost won with the dancing apples game, but the other players were so sweet we just couldnt lol.

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