At Ontario Mall with my Toddler choochootrainAt Ontario Mall with my Toddler

We went to the mall today and there was hazards everywhere (I mean in a mother’s eyes). Since Mimi has been walking/runningish she submitted to a world where there are injury-prone items and places everywhere. The ground just got a little bit harder and the stairs just got a little bit higher and the sharp edges just got a little but sharper.  I highly dislike sharp edges because it gives me this ludicrous imaginations. I try my best to prevent harm from her, but you have to realize that you can’t protect her from everything. She will fall, she will hit her head, and she will get a paper cut but you have to teach her to get up, get some ice, and put a bandaid over it. We have to let them be independent and try to teach them ways to prevent injuries and mishaps. As long as she’s learning her do’s and dont’s I’m sure she’ll be fine.  13 months a few minor cuts here and there… ohh this is just the beginning…

At Ontario Mall with my Toddler thrifty ice cream

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  1. I liked how you said you would carry Mimi as long as you could…How much does she weigh by the way?xoxo, Eszter

  2. About 27 pounds. She's small but she packs on tight. Everyone always says oh she's so small does your mom meed you? jokingly obviously and when they pick her up they realize how heavy she is lol.

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